Stephanie Welbourn / Accounting Manager

Administrative Team

Title / Job Description: Accounting Manager or as Linda Heisler so lovingly called it before retiring: Forensic Accounting

IES Start Date: April 1st, 2018

Favorite part about working at IES: Working with our supportive and fun team here at IES and our customers. 

Family Information: Married to my husband Luke for 12 years and we have two kiddos, Sydney and Jack

Interesting Fact about yourself: 

Hobbies / Favorite Activities: Yoga and spin classes, playing volleyball on the court or in the sand, being outside with my kids in the sunshine, going to the coast, and cooking/baking

Favorite Book: Fiction: The 3 part series by Marilynne Robinson: Gilead, Lila, and Home, Non-Fiction: Anything by Brene Brown 

Dream Golf Foursome / Dinner Party: Kristen Bell, Dax Shepherd, Ellen DeGeneres, Brene Brown

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