Nona Darling / Accounting Manager

Name: Nona Darling

Title / Job Description: Accounting Manager

IES Start Date: December 02, 2019

Favorite part about working at IES: I love being a part of a team; we move forward faster together

Family: One son, Devin; age 20

Interesting Fact about yourself: My name has two meanings: Italian = Grandmother and Latin = the number 9; I am the 9th grandchild, the reason my parents picked my name.

Hobbies / Favorite Activities: Exploring Oregon, Hiking, Camping, Traveling, Reading

Favorite Book: Love Does by Bob Goff

Dream Golf Foursome / Dinner Party: Dream dinner party: Matthew West (to hear all of his stories), Walt Disney (to be inspired by his creativity), Mother Theresa (to learn how to give selflessly) and Jay Leno (in hopes that he would invite me to see his garage – I love cars!!!). 

Contact Nona

Phone: 503-526-9700 or 800-487-2442
Ext. 107
Fax: 503-626-2260