Mirna Brizendine / Renewal Specialist

New Business & Renewal / Service Team

Title / Job Description: Renewal Specialist

IES Start Date: 4/09/2018

Favorite part about working at IES:  I love the family feel we have here at IES.

Family Information: I am married with three great kids, a son Taylor and two daughters Micaela and Delaney. We also have two dogs, Macie and Ava.

Interesting Fact about yourself: I am an only child.

Hobbies / Favorite Activities: With three kids my hobbies are their activities, so lots of soccer, basketball, and other school activities. On the rare chance, I have a moment all to myself, I love a good book. Do we get to call shoe shopping a favorite activity?

Favorite Book: I don’t think I have a favorite it just depends on my mood, I am currently reading Liane Moriarty Nine Perfect Strangers.

Dream Golf Foursome / Dinner Party: If I am having a dream dinner party then all of my best friends would, of course, be there. Adele and Pink who could provide some fabulous entertainment and laughs. Along with Oprah who could hold a conversation over just about anything. Amelia Earhart, so she could solve the mystery surrounding her last flight and share her life story. Dax Sheppard and Kristen Bell because they seem delightful and funny. Jason Momoa and Matthew McConaughey……just because!

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