Jamie Kay Heisler / Executive Vice President

Administrative Team

Title / Job Description: Executive Vice President

IES Start Date: June 1, 2007

Favorite part about working at IES: Being part of a family business. My father, Jim Heisler started IES on September 14, 1992. Over the years since IES’ inception, I have gone from proud-supporter to employee to part-owner. To carry on IES’ legacy is one of the things I’m most proud of and I look forward to coming to work every day. Beyond IES, I’m passionate about working in the insurance industry as a whole because it’s full of other family businesses all working together to build a bigger, greater family-oriented community. It’s a community I’m immensely proud to contribute to and be a part of.

Family Information: Proud aunt to the two best nieces on the planet. 

Interesting Fact about yourself: I’m an avid runner who always stays signed up for at least one race. To date, I’ve completed two marathons, the Hood to Coast 199 mile relay, and multiple half-marathons.

Hobbies / Favorite Activities: You can find me belting out ballads at my local karaoke dive bar or attending as many concerts and musical theatre shows as possible.

Favorite Book: How I Paid For College by local Portland author Marc Acito. I reread it every Christmas because it makes me feel like home. It’s a must-read for any former theatre major like me.

Dream Golf Foursome / Dinner Party: My dream dinner party is Dave Grohl, Ryan Miller, and my Grandma Hazel where we end the evening in a jam session with our guitars.

Contact Jamie

Phone: 503-526-9700 or 800-487-2442
Extension: 110
Fax: 503-626-2260