Nick Salerno / Marketing Specialist

New Business & Renewal / Service Team

Title / Job Description: Marketing Specialist

IES Start Date: January 2018

Favorite part about working at IES: The community feel really speaks to how not only is everyone invested in everyone else’s success, but the company as well. This mentality really sets us apart and makes it one of the main reasons why I am proud to call IES home. 

Family Information: Followed both of my parents out to the Northwest, per their recommendations throughout 15 years!

Interesting Fact about yourself: Have lived in New England, Mid-Atlantic, South, Midwest, and Northwest

Hobbies / Favorite Activities: Playing basketball, baseball, softball. Anything involving the outside!

Favorite Book: Calvin & Hobbes- Bill Watterson

Dream Golf Foursome / Dinner Party: Myself, my dad, Anthony Bourdain, and Joe Torre

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